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My Books


 In The Architecture of Value: Building Your Professional Practice, I share a collection of observations and lessons learned drawn from more than 40 years in the building industry. Framed as practical direction for aspiring leaders, these real-world examples of how to build a professional service firm through a combination of leadership, collaboration, and connection; forming the basis for creating enduring value. 

 "Park's book contains the knowledge you need to take your business to the next level. I highly recommend it."

— Daniel Burris, author New York Times best seller Flash Foresight


"Park is the Phil Jackson of our industry. You have got to read this book to find out what "Sacred Hoops" you have to jump through to be a champion."

— Charlie Silver, Vice President, M. Silver & Co.

"The one-stop lexicon of best practices for firms in our industry. Get copies for your entire leadership team!"

— Ellen Flynn Heapes, FSMPS, Author of Creating Wealth: Principles & Practices for Design Firms


"For those of us who think we know it all, one new book is a real eye-opener. Park combines personal observations and common sense with the fundamentals of starting, marketing, and maintaining a successful practice. A refresher course that touches all the bases."

— Stephen A Kliment, FAIA, IOMA Principal's Report


 In The Architecture of Image: Branding Your Professional Practice, I  explore why the brand of the professional service firm is one of the most  misunderstood and often under-utilized tools to build market share and increase business. Exploring how culture, collaboration, and communication create, develop, and sustain an enduring brand, this book  provides tools to establish your brand in the marketplace. 


"A must read for anyone responsible for developing, protecting, and promoting a firm’s image and brand. Park points out why firms need to do more than be different from the competition. It’s more than theory, it’s about getting results and Park provides the pathway."

— Mitchel Levitt, ACHE, FSMPS, ASSOC. AIA, Principal, FKP/CannonDesign

"After dispensing with the basics of branding—and what it is not—Park offers far-reaching and wide-ranging illustrations of how to enhance your firm's image. The book serves as a useful checklist for the many ways that you can impact your brand."

— Howard Wolfe, Most Senior Person, Full-Height Advice

"As a nationally recognized Master of Marketing A/E services, Park takes a fresh and fascinating look at the whole concept of branding. His book guides you to a highly effective approach to evaluate and implement a brand strategy. A must read!"

— Patrick Bell, President, Patrick C. Bell & Company


 A/E/C Business Development – The Decade Ahead documents an in-depth research initiative into the state of the industry from the perspectives of buyers and sellers, as well as a panorama of trends and insights for those offering or procuring A/E/C  services. As a contributing author, I know the recommendations will help you enhance your competitive advantage, deepen your BD knowledge, and plan for the future.


The Marketing Handbook for the Design & Construction Professional (3rd Edition), is a highly acclaimed marketing tool that details the best practices for A/E/C marketing and is your key to driving new business. As a contributing author, I know you will find this book covers every aspect of marketing from initial market research, lead generation, to CRM, to effective presentations and proposals, to website development.